Interview: Darja


Does the song Summer Breeze ring a bell? We featured it here on LTTB not too long ago and today we’ve got the opportunity to present you an interview with singer Darja.

Hey Darja, let’s hit this Q&A off! Do you want to introduce yourself?

I am a singer songwriter as well as a trained actress. I was born in a small country called Latvia, was raised in Germany and the UK and now living in NYC, my absolute dream city.

When did you start singing?

I was enrolled in Rhythmic Gymnastics at the age of 4, which is when I started performing on stage to the most beautiful music. It inspired my love and obsession to create music myself. It became my emotional outlet. I would write songs with lyrics based on anything that moved me. But it wasn’t until my parents heard me sing “I can’t live” by Mariah Carey, that my singing was taken seriously and I started working with a vocal coach and piano teacher. To this day I am beyond grateful that my parents saw how much I loved music and singing and gave me the opportunity to grow as a musician and artist.

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