Interview: Project 46

Project 46 topped the Beatport charts with their track Reasons some time ago and we thought they would be perfect for another LTTB interview. Long story short: Here it is!

Hey Project 46! Thanks for taking the time to do this little interview with us. Let’s start off with you introducing yourself!

Well Our names are Thomas and Ryan and we make Pancakes on Fridays! Pretty straight forward stuff!

What was your way into the music business? Any defining moments?

I think meeting each other was a pretty big moment! I think we are able to work quite well together and I think a lot of our success can be chalked up to awesome teamwork and way to many hours working 🙂

You reached the top of the Beatport charts with your track Reasons. How hard did you party after you heard the news?

We were actually sitting in the Studio at 4am with Adam K when we went from # 2 to # 1, so there was not a lot of time for partying but there was defiantly high fives all around the studio!

Greatest moment of your career so far? Maybe topping Beatport?

I am going to say that’s right up there but finding out we made the DJMAG Top 100 DJs in our first year was pretty surreal! Still can’t believe it!

Your success has pretty much blown up over the last months. What’s the next step, the next milestone you’re aiming for?

I think we are just going to keep working hard in the studio and probably try and get out to play more shows! Overall we are just really happy with where we are right now!

Time for a silly question! What would you rather fight: One horse sized duck or one hundred duck sized horses?

Hundred duck sized horses!

Any hobbies besides making music?

Golf, Video Games, Biking! Not much time for much more 🙂

Are there any big events coming up for you?

We are playing Toronto at the Hoxton in November, which will be our first time in Toronto. That is pretty exciting seeing that it is almost like a 2nd home to Ryan and he we have yet to play in Toronto!

User submitted question: Do you plan to remix another old Eurodance track some time in the future? Your Haddaway remix seems to have made quite an impression.

Haddaway happened by accident. Was just supposed to be a bootleg but the label called us and asked to sign it. Later, I still remember our manager asking us to re-due Blue by Eiffel 65, ha ha! Have to see what happens, not against doing more but not actively looking to do one!

Cat or dog person?

Dogs all the way!

Your track of the year so far? You can name one of your own tracks, but you don’t necessarily have to.

So many big tracks, really hard to choose but If I had to choose I would say In My Mind (Axwell Mix)

Wrapping this Q&A up – Anything else you would like to tell your fans and our readers?

Just a big thank-you to everyone for all there support! We owe everything to our fans and we can never thank-you enough!

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