Interview: No Pets Allowed

Welcome to our brand new Interview section on Listen To This Beat! We’ll kick things right off with our first little Q&A with No Pets Allowed.

Why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers. Who is the person behind No Pets Allowed?
Just a boy at New York University who should be studying for his finals.

How did you become a producer?
I started writing my own music senior year in HS but 2 years of writing lyrics I suddenly had massive writers block. So to exercise my production skills I started making mashups and remixes for fun since they don’t require you to write words.

I guess you’re not making music 24/7 – Are there any other hobbies?
I’m an avid food eater and Netflix watcher.

I have to ask … what’s the story behind your name “No Pets Allowed”?
In High School, I kept a list of potential band/project names that were mostly inside jokes or references. I was in the city one day and saw a sign that said No Pets Allowed and wrote it down. 2 years later, I started doing remixes/mashups and I didn’t want a cheesy DJ name. I wanted to pick something that didn’t imply some sort of DJ so-and-so vibe.

You’re doing mashups and remixes. Where do you get your inspiration from and how do you choose the songs you want to use?
My samples are whatever I listen to. I have a diverse library so you’re gonna be hearing everything from indie to hip-hop to dubstep. My inspiration for remixes stem from how I feel; it’s easier for me to translate an emotion into melody than into words.

What’s your next big music project? A new song you are really excited about or maybe a collaboration?
I’ve been working on this Fall Out Boy/Lil Wayne mashup album for almost a year now. Waiting for the right time to release it plus I got to work on it a bit more. As for collabs, there won’t be any for a while. My mode of operation for production is really meant for one person. I’ve had to turn down a few offers to collab.

Your track of the year so far?
Track of the year like what I’m listening to? I love that new song with Kimbra, the guy from Foster the People, and A-Trak called “Warrior“. Also, Madeon’s remix to “Raise Your Weapon”. If you mean which one of my songs is my song of the year, it’d probably be the remix to Childish Gambino’s “Heartbeat”. I think it’s the most popular of my tracks.

Any upcoming events you want to talk about?
Nothing really big in terms of events. I’m DJing an NYU function later this week. Will be looking to book shows by next fall hopefully.

Time to wrap the whole thing up. Is there anything else you would like your fans and our readers to know?
To anyone who listens: thanks for listening and downloading.

Thank you for taking the time to do this little Q&A with us. We’re looking forward to your new tracks!

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