Interview: Darja


Does the song Summer Breeze ring a bell? We featured it here on LTTB not too long ago and today we’ve got the opportunity to present you an interview with singer Darja.

Hey Darja, let’s hit this Q&A off! Do you want to introduce yourself?

I am a singer songwriter as well as a trained actress. I was born in a small country called Latvia, was raised in Germany and the UK and now living in NYC, my absolute dream city.

When did you start singing?

I was enrolled in Rhythmic Gymnastics at the age of 4, which is when I started performing on stage to the most beautiful music. It inspired my love and obsession to create music myself. It became my emotional outlet. I would write songs with lyrics based on anything that moved me. But it wasn’t until my parents heard me sing “I can’t live” by Mariah Carey, that my singing was taken seriously and I started working with a vocal coach and piano teacher. To this day I am beyond grateful that my parents saw how much I loved music and singing and gave me the opportunity to grow as a musician and artist.

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Interview: Addiso


Hey Addiso, welcome to our little Q&A! Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself.

My name is Ricardo Flores, I’m 18 years old, and live in North Hollywood, California. I enjoy making Progressive and Electro House music.

How and when did you start producing EDM?

I started around 2011, just doing small edits for friends but started taking it serious January of 2012. I wasn’t alone on it, I had some friends helping me out along the way, teaching me the basics and what not.

Are there any big gigs coming up for you?

Well I entered a DJ competition to hopefully perform at React’s “Spring Awakening Music Festival” in Chicago, keeping my fingers crossed on that! Other than that, there isn’t really anything that I know of.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

I’m either listening to music all day, or hanging out with my family.

What would you rather fight: One horse sized duck or one hundred duck sized horses?

Haha, that was a random question, but I’d have to go with 100 duck sized horses!

Do you have any specific goals in mind regarding the success of your music?

Well I guess my goals are the same as many others, to hopefully play on the big stages, EDC, Tomorrowland, UMF, etc.

Your track of the year so far?

I’d have to say it would be my remix to Nause’s “Hungry Hearts”, I have got so much support from various Youtube channels, Blogs, fans and more.
I have to say I am really proud of that Remix, really turned out how I wanted it to.

Cat or dog person?

Dog person, I don’t mean to offend any Cat people, but most cats aren’t really with you as much as a dog is, Im sure some people know what I mean haha.

Which software do you use to produce your remixes?

I use FL Studio 10, I’ve tried Ableton and Reason before, but didn’t really feel it so I stick to FL.

Your favorite app?

I hardly play any games on my phone but I’d have to say Temple Run and 4 Pics 1 Word.

Well, that’s it from our side. Anything else you wanna say to our readers and your fans?

Actually yes, I’d like to thank all my fans out their for every single thing they have done for me, without them I have no idea if I would still be doing this. They are the ones that push me to do better and better. They always tell me “Thank you for your music” and such, but really its the other way around. Thank you for everything.

Thanks for this interview! I hope we will hear some new tracks from you pretty soon!

No problem, glad to do this, this is actually my first interview! And yes, new tracks are on their way!

Interview: Project 46

Project 46 topped the Beatport charts with their track Reasons some time ago and we thought they would be perfect for another LTTB interview. Long story short: Here it is!

Hey Project 46! Thanks for taking the time to do this little interview with us. Let’s start off with you introducing yourself!

Well Our names are Thomas and Ryan and we make Pancakes on Fridays! Pretty straight forward stuff!

What was your way into the music business? Any defining moments?

I think meeting each other was a pretty big moment! I think we are able to work quite well together and I think a lot of our success can be chalked up to awesome teamwork and way to many hours working 🙂

You reached the top of the Beatport charts with your track Reasons. How hard did you party after you heard the news?

We were actually sitting in the Studio at 4am with Adam K when we went from # 2 to # 1, so there was not a lot of time for partying but there was defiantly high fives all around the studio!

Greatest moment of your career so far? Maybe topping Beatport?

I am going to say that’s right up there but finding out we made the DJMAG Top 100 DJs in our first year was pretty surreal! Still can’t believe it!

Your success has pretty much blown up over the last months. What’s the next step, the next milestone you’re aiming for?

I think we are just going to keep working hard in the studio and probably try and get out to play more shows! Overall we are just really happy with where we are right now!

Time for a silly question! What would you rather fight: One horse sized duck or one hundred duck sized horses?

Hundred duck sized horses!

Any hobbies besides making music?

Golf, Video Games, Biking! Not much time for much more 🙂

Are there any big events coming up for you?

We are playing Toronto at the Hoxton in November, which will be our first time in Toronto. That is pretty exciting seeing that it is almost like a 2nd home to Ryan and he we have yet to play in Toronto!

User submitted question: Do you plan to remix another old Eurodance track some time in the future? Your Haddaway remix seems to have made quite an impression.

Haddaway happened by accident. Was just supposed to be a bootleg but the label called us and asked to sign it. Later, I still remember our manager asking us to re-due Blue by Eiffel 65, ha ha! Have to see what happens, not against doing more but not actively looking to do one!

Cat or dog person?

Dogs all the way!

Your track of the year so far? You can name one of your own tracks, but you don’t necessarily have to.

So many big tracks, really hard to choose but If I had to choose I would say In My Mind (Axwell Mix)

Wrapping this Q&A up – Anything else you would like to tell your fans and our readers?

Just a big thank-you to everyone for all there support! We owe everything to our fans and we can never thank-you enough!

Interview: Scott Melker

Tell us a little bit about you.
Who are you and where are you from?

I am originally from Gainesville, Florida, where my interest in music began. I was a precocious child, always trying to perform for anyone who would pay attention. I was a competitive classical Pianist from the age of 5. I attended the University of Pennsylvania, where I became a DJ and sang in an A cappella group. Yup, I admitted it.

What are you up to, when you’re not making music?
Needlepoint, competitive pogo, extreme water polo and riding my pet pony “Urban Meyer.” I’m also really into cooking, long walks on the beach and sushi.

At what point did you start to seriously pursue your music career?
Although I was very active in music during my 9 years in Philadelphia, it was when I moved to Manhattan that I decided to pursue music full time. Since then, I have dabbled in every facet of the music business, from performance and production to management and booking. I’m yet to sink to stripping, so I must be doing something right.

Which artists inspired you?
I have always considered myself an old soul. While everyone else was biting on the newest trend, I was generally listening to Stevie Wonder and The Whispers records on repeat. I don’t have much interest in seeing a Deadmau5 show, but I will travel cross country to catch the New Edition reunion tour.

Oh, and Justin Bieber, obviously. He’s dreamy.

What was the greatest moment of your career so far?
I have been fortunate to have some incredible opportunities, but a few definitely stand out. In 2006 I was hired to be the DJ in Toshi Kubota’s (the “Michael Jackson of Japan”) band. In that role, I played over 40 stadiums and arenas in Japan. Not only did I open the shows, on stage alone in front of tens of thousands of people, but I was also a big part of the 3 hour show.

Playing at Red Rocks in Colorado was incredible as well. Dropping Sunday Bloody Sunday (the video was shot there) in front of a packed house and hearing the crowd lose their collective minds was memorable.

I have had some incredible moments as a producer as well. Working with the Soul Diggaz has led to some interesting situations… Playing keys on a new track in the studio while Diddy danced on a table cheering was definitely a strange one.

Any big events coming up for you?
I’m working on a summer tour with the crew at Moodswing360 for my live act, tentatively called “The Melker Project.” If things go as planned, there should be big events in every market in America this year. Fingers crossed.

Your track of the year so far?
My Jay–Z and Lana Del Rey remix has been the highlight so far. It marked the first time that I have topped the popular chart. I was blown away by it’s popularity. I’m also a narcissist.

Anything else you would like to say to your fans and our readers?
See you soon at a stadium near you… or maybe a county fair.

Thank you Scott for taking the time to answer our questions! As for the pony … we probably need pictures to verify this story.