Avicii – Levels (George Monev Edit)

Have you ever wondered how Avicii’s huge hit would sound when it’s played in reverse? George Monev obviously did and the result is a track that’s surprisingly good and really catchy. ‘Upbeat’ doesn’t even begin to describe this song and the best thing: You can download it for free!

Avicii – Levels (George Monev Edit) sleveL – iicivA by George Monev

Download: Avicii – Levels (George Monev Edit)

Some changes to LTTB

As you may have noticed, we introduced some changes to LTTB today.

The search box is no longer integrated into the navigation but instead found its place in the sidebar. Also, we would like to introduce our new category ‘Submissions‘ which hosts every submission we get that didn’t make it to the front page. So if you are always looking for new music by probably so well known artists, this category is for you. I won’t comment on these tracks and just leave you the artwork and a stream to the audio/video. However, there will be a lot of posts on this page, but don’t worry – they won’t spam your Facebook/Twitter because they are excluded from the RSS Feed. The only way to see them is to browse through ‘Submissions’.

We hope you enjoy some of the songs!